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Mold Inspection

The industry's premier mold inspection certifications.GeoFocus Mould Solutions employs one of Ontario’s few ACAC: Council-certified Microbial Investigations to supervise its Indoor Air Quality and Mold Inspection and Testing department.   What does a Council-certified Microbial Investigators (CMI) do?  CMI’s investigate microbial issues in the indoor environment. For example, a CMI can perform mold inspection, mold testing and bioaerosol sampling. A CMI will interpret lab results and design effective remediation protocols. Finally, CMI professionals perform post-remediation sampling to verify the success of remediation projects.

CMIs also possess verified knowledge in disciplines related to mold inspection, microbial investigations and sampling. The certification examinations cover a wide range of bioaerosols and their potential health effects. They also deal with microbial sampling procedures and equipment.

CMIs posses verified experience in microbial sampling, mold inspection or mold testing in one or more of the following settings:

  • Offices and commercial buildings

  • Industrial structures

  • Government facilities

  • Schools and public buildings

  • Healthcare facilities

  • Residential structures

Health Canada Considers Mould Growth On The Interior Of Building To Be A Risk Factor For Health Problems. Mould growth should be prevented through proper maintenance, and any mould should be removed diligently and as soon as possible.

People are exposed to mould everyday, both indoors and outdoors. Whether or not an individual experiences health effects depends on the following factors:

Underlying susceptibility – if a person’s immune system is depressed for any reason (i.e. individuals undergoing chemotherapy or kidney dialysis, pregnant women, very young or very old) he or she might experience health effects associated with exposure to mould

Degree of mould exposure – if an individual is exposed to significant amounts of mould over a long period of time, he or she may experience health effects

Type of mould – an individual may vary in his or her susceptibility to different types of mould A wide variety of health effects may be associated with exposure to mould. Effects can be generally categorized as allergies, infection or irritation. Of the three main categories of health effects, allergy is the most common, producing symptoms such as sneezing and coughing in affected individuals.

GeoFocus’ strength is in our knowledge, in our ability to gather information and in our network of specialized consultants. Our strength’s permit us to co-ordinate an expert team required to evaluate and respond quickly and efficiently to all technical and legal issues relating to mould assessment and remediation.

This network of information gathering continues to expand exponentially through the use of the Internet and newly formed associations. Our clients can be assured of streamlined and consistent service with accurate reporting at an economical price.

In Canada and the United States, there are no standard numerical guidelines pertaining to indoor airborne mould concentrations. It is important that you retain a firm knowledgable in not only mould remediation but also building diagnostics.

If you have a home or business that requires a mold inspection call us today for a free consultation.