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Not all mould is obvious

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    Cleaning Mould


    What you need to know


    Mould and your health

    • Why should I worry?
    • What are the potential health risks of mould?
    • Mould impacts the overall health of individuals of all ages, with allergic reactions being the most likely effect. Common symptoms resulting from exposure to mould include sneezing and coughing, but more severe reactions, such as fever and asthma attacks, can also occur. Mould should be treated as a health hazard and promptly removed from homes and workplaces.
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    Recognizing mould

    • How do I know if mould is present in my home or office?
    • Not all mould is obvious. The only way to ensure that your residence and workspace is free of health-affecting mould is to have a professional perform a thorough inspection and indoor air quality assessment. Our certified technicians can examine your space to determine if mould is present and devise a strategy to safely remove it from the premises.
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    Take Action

    Removal & Prevention

    • If mould is found, what do I do?
    • If left unattended, mould can be detrimental to the health of you, your family and your staff. It is important to act now. Mould is an unhealthy and hazardous substance and removing it can be just as risky as having it in your building. As a trusted name in mould remediation, Mould Solutions can help you safely remove mould from your commercial or residential property.
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    Mould Solutions' Areas of Experience

    Mould Solutions assists homeowners, property managers, real estate agents, architects and engineers in Toronto and across the GTA with inspections and mould remediation on projects of all sizes. From attics, bathrooms, basements and condominiums to kitchens, indoor swimming pools, garages and offices, we have the knowledge and experience to resolve any mould-related situation.