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Interior Demolition


Toronto's Interior Demolition Specialists:

Certified, Trusted & Professional Interior Demolition

GeoFocus Mould Solutions offers a complete interior demolition service that will safely and efficiently remove structural and non-structural building components with minimal disturbance to your home or work operations.

While the idea of “selective demolition” may make a property owner nervous, an interior demolition is more akin to a full renovation. It ensures that the bones of a building remain intact and strong, and only alters the interior space. Our professionally trained team is highly proficient at developing strategies for managing and executing both large- and small-scale interior demolition projects that are tailored to the unique requirements of our clients and their indoor space. Our experts use only state-of-the-art equipment to ensure a safe and efficient job site, and we can dismantle interior areas that are either vacant or occupied without disruption. We ensure that your space gets the work it needs while also keeping in mind your time and budget.

Interior demolition can include, but is not limited to: removal of contaminated materials, such as drywall, frames and flooring; elimination of hazardous materials, such as asbestos; duct cleaning and decontamination; removal of overhead structural work; removal of below ground utility systems; removal of pre- and post-stressed slabs; and removal of gas and water lines, as well as electrical wiring and utilities.

It starts with the planning. A well thought out plan is key to a successful demolition. Every interior space is unique and each strategy must take into consideration the distinct specifics of that home or office. Our experienced team provides full-site preparation that will ensure a safe and thorough interior demolition that meets the latest industry safety standards and practices while also ensuring minimal disruption to your life or business.

Next is the site preparation. To ensure injury or structural damage is avoided, our team must professionally prepare the site. At Mould Solutions, our experts have been planning and implementing internal demolitions for years, and we have the experience to make certain that a comprehensive interior demolition is carried out without mishap.

It’s through these comprehensive services that we’ve separated ourselves from the pack and earned a reputation as one of the top interior demolition companies in the Vaughan and Greater Toronto Area. If you’re home or office requires a comprehensive interior demolition, turn to the trusted experts at GeoFocus Mould Solutions. Contact us for a quote today.