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Steam Blasting


Toronto's Steam Blasting Specialists:

Certified, Trusted & Professional Steam Blasting

There are many ways to remove mould from your home, office or business, such as sand blasting, plastic bead blasting and soda blasting. But few are as efficient and effective as steam blasting. This efficient method requires no chemicals, making it a healthy alternative to harsh cleaning products. At Mould Solutions, our team of certified steam blasting technicians can utilize this method to rid up to 99% of mould in a variety of your indoor spaces.

One of the major benefits of using steam blasting is that the cleaning machine can run for extended periods of time without stopping. They don’t require adding any grit media or other chemicals — all you need is water. The high temperature at which they blast steam will eliminate all manner of contaminants, from bacteria to germs to mould, completely sanitizing the surface it’s used on.

Steam blasting is also a relatively quick process, as the low usage of water means materials dry quickly with little chance of further mould growth. It’s also less labour intensive, as well as highly environmentally friendly, as only water is required — no chemicals here. And because it doesn’t use chemicals, steam blasting is also cost effective compared to other cleaning methods.

If your home, office or work site has been contaminated by the health hazards of mould, call Mould Solutions today. Our compassionate staff will help determine the best course of action for your unique mould situation, all at a competitive price.