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Mould Solutions is a leading mould remediation company in the Greater Toronto Area that believes honesty and integrity is the key to longevity. For over 40 years, we’ve assisted homeowners, real estate agents, property managers, businesses, architects and engineers with mould removal, mould inspection and air quality testing on residential, commercial and industrial projects of all sizes. But above all that, we provide peace of mind to those faced with the anxiety brought by mould in their homes and offices.

The two most important principles of mould remediation are the protection of the technicians removing the mould and ensuring that the surrounding environment is safe for those that use it, be it your family or your employees. That’s why our thorough mould remediation services are only handled by trained and certified technicians who have the knowledge, experience and skills to perform mould inspections and removal in a variety of settings, from attics, basements and kitchens to condominiums, swimming pools, garages and offices. Every one of our technicians is trained to perform mould remediation according to the IICRC S520 Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Remediation.

Our professional staff utilizes the latest technology to keep your building clean, including innovative methods such as dry ice blasting. Our technicians understand common remediation work practices and follow industry standards and legal requirements for safely working in mould contaminated environments. With this expert knowledge, we provide solutions for a range of mould-related situations: cleaning and protecting structures and contents; designing and maintaining mould containment; controlling pressure differentials; reviewing protocols for the design and implementation of remediation processes; recognizing conditions that cause mould growth and preventing further amplification; and containment for a variety of indoor environments, including homes, offices and industrial areas.

Our technicians also hold firm to our commitment to integrity: If something doesn’t have to be done, we won’t do it. We won’t suggest a service unless we believe it’s the best course of action for the situation at hand to save you time and money. We also believe in transparency in the work process. We document everything we do and provide detailed progress reports that include before and after photos to ensure our clients feel comfortable returning to their home or office. You’re spending your hard earned money and we’re here to accommodate your needs.

It’s through this commitment to our clients that we believe we’re the best mould remediation company in the GTA. Our thorough and customer-first approach provides effective services that result in healthy environments. Contact us today for a comprehensive strategy to handle mould remediation on your current and future projects. We have the experience, knowledge and integrity to return your building to pristine condition.