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Mould Inspection


Toronto's Mould Inspection Specialists:

Certified, Trusted & Professional Mould Inspection

It’s not always obvious when mould is present in your building. Mould grows indoors and outdoors, and thrives in warm, moist environments. It can be found in practically any setting during any season. While mould is commonly found in damp areas, such as showers and basements, any space where moisture collects can foster the ideal conditions for growth. From ceilings to floors, furniture to wallpaper, ductwork to pipes, there are numerous places in homes and offices where mould can flourish.

In order to identify mould in your home, office or business, you need an experienced professional to perform a thorough inspection. Mould Solutions employs one of the few American Council for Accredited Certification’s Council-certified Microbial Investigators in Ontario. CMI’s investigate every type of microbial issue that is present in indoor environments. They perform mould inspections, mould testing and bioaerosol sampling, and will analyse lab results to design an effective strategy for mould remediation that meets all legal standards and protocols. Once mould is removed, a CMI will also do post-remediation sampling to ensure no microbial agents are present in the serviced area.

Mould Solutions’ CMI is knowledgeable in a diverse range of mould remediation services, and possesses verified knowledge in a variety of disciplines related to mould inspections, microbial investigations and sampling. Our CMI is experienced in working in a variety of private and public settings, including residential homes and structures, offices and commercial facilities, industrial complexes, government buildings, healthcare faculties, and schools and other public buildings, such as libraries and community centres.

According to Health Canada, mould growth in interior settings is a major factor in various health problems. Homeowners and property managers should strive to prevent mould growth in their homes and offices through proper cleaning and maintenance. Any mould that is discovered indoors should be removed as quickly as possible using proper methods that meet government regulations.

Mould Solutions’ strength is our knowledge and ability to collect information from our network of specialized consultants. This allows us to correctly identify the problem so our expert team can evaluate and respond with speed and efficiency. With our knowledge and experience, our technicians provide consistent service that is customized to your situation and needs. We pride ourselves on exceeding industry standards, all at a competitive price.