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Toronto's Mould Removal Specialists:

Certified, Trusted & Professional Mould Removal

Mould Solutions has the skilled professionals and comprehensive remediation services to tackle any mould removal project, no matter the size. Our experienced technicians have the knowledge and experience to design effective remediation strategies to safely contain and remove various degrees of mould contamination in homes, commercial sites and industrial buildings. We utilize proven technology during the mould removal process, including innovative methods such as dry ice blasting, in a variety of settings, from basements to attics, warehouses to office spaces, and government buildings and other public areas.

Assessing mould growth and removing it from indoor areas brings documented health risks. It is a hazardous process that can result in sudden disasters and unexpected costs if not handled properly. Therefore, certified professionals should only conduct mould removal. With the health concerns created by the presence of mould, any cost involved in its removal is nothing compared to the long-term property damage and health risks it poses.

Mould growth damages building surfaces and, as the mould’s intact spores are dispersed, adversely impacts air quality. Many moulds produce various allergenic substances, odorous chemicals and toxic metabolites. And while the specific agents produced by mould that affect human health are unpredictable, exposure to mould is linked to allergic reactions and can cause respiratory disease.

While there is a cost involved in the removal of finishes, drywall, furnishings, equipment, etc. during the mould remediation process, the biggest expense is the time to prepare for the remediation work, which includes the disposal of contaminated materials, additional equipment costs, containment and the key process of cleaning finishes for the required clearance test. Removing materials that contain mould can be as simple as replacing sections of drywall, removing a wet pipe or replacing damp carpet and furniture. When extensive mould is found, however, all materials must be removed in accordance with the building hygienist containment protocol, which significantly increases the cost of mould remediation.

Labour costs are the biggest factor in price, but there are additional expenses involved in using certain equipment, such as negative air machines, air scrubbers, HEPA vacuums, manometers and OSHA pumps. Equipment costs can be between 10—20% of the overall mould remediation cost.

Mould Solutions’ comprehensive removal process will ensure your building is remediated at a competitive price. Together we can create a solution to fit your project and budget. Contact us today for a quote and consultation.